Wednesday, October 17, 2012

7 Months

I don't know how, but Grant is already 7 months old!  He is SO much fun right now.  The one word that comes to mind is BUSY!!!  He is everywhere and into everything.  We cannot take out eyes off of him for a minute.  He crawls super fast and tries to keep up with his big brother.  He loves all of the "big kid" toys.  He travels through the house and checks everything out.
- He has 6 teeth (4 on the top and 2 on the bottom)
- started to eat puffs and baby cheetohs
- loves all baby food, except the mixed vegetables
- smiles all the time, but doesn't giggle much
- LOVES his big brother, even though Gavin roughs him up
- likes the toilet paper and any cords he can reach
- always wants to be standing up and jumping or bouncing
- stands in the bathtub 
-pushes the walker around
- roars like a lion

Bud and Lorraine

Nate's grandparents, Bud and Lorraine, came out from Arizona to visit in September.  They got to spend time with all three of these busy boys!

San Clemente

We rode the train to San Clemente and spent the day with the kids and Amy, Jimmy and the girls.  We got on the train and it was standing room only all the way there.  After we paid and boarded, people told us that the train was free that day for the beach festival that was going on.  Had we know that, we probably would have driven our own car because it was just too crowded.  

It ended up being worth it and we had a nice day!

Can our kids be any cuter??  Love all of them!

The Boys

Love to watch how much these boys love each other!!


Every time I get the catalogue of sports and events for the city, I ask Gavin if he wants to play baseball or soccer and he always says, "No Thank You."  When I got the summer catalogue, I asked him again and he said he wanted to play both.  We tried T Ball and weren't crazy about it, but he really liked soccer a lot. He was a lot more involved than I expected and he had a lot of fun! 

Pre K

My sweet boy started Pre K this Summer and it was a big deal.  He is with the big kids now and he gets to start going to the library!  

San Diego

This is us...5 years and 2 sweet boys later!!  We decided to go to San Diego to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary.  We stayed at the Hilton and we had a view of the Coronado bridge and were walking distance to the Gaslamp.  We had fun walking around and eating at a bunch of different restaurants.  Before we left, we drove over to Coronado and walked on the beach and through the Del Hotel.  We had such a nice trip and the weather was perfect.  I love San Diego